Core Values


“LANFest is dedicated to empowering gaming communities and supporting charitable efforts by creating unique gaming experiences.”

Our mission is the driving force behind everything that we do in the organization. We must do our best to keep our planning, discussions, and actions aligned and true to the mission statement. We check our team’s actions to moving forward LANFest’s Mission.


Relationships are built on trust and respect. We listen, respect, and follow the guidance of LANFest leaders.  All members are responsible to ensure an atmosphere of open communication and respect. Staff follow the expectations set out in the Communication Policy. Additionally, part of having respect for others in the group means that one shall not "hold the organization hostage" or refuse to move forward just because one person does not get their way.


Everyone's time and ideas are equally important and need to be heard.  This means we must be respectful of other's opinions. Leaders will listen to the input of their team while taking positive direct action to fulfil the team’s job. We should make our point in a reasonable amount of time and make sure we do not interrupt one-another when having a discussion.  We should all do our part to foster a team environment by inviting each member to contribute. We are all working towards the same goal(s), and will go much further as a group than going at it individually.


We know that we can rely on our team members to be honest, open, upstanding people; and we must strive to set that example.  We should hold ourselves accountable, and respond positively to feedback and assistance. We must not politic or lobby for our personal benefit, and all stakeholders must be present and heard before discussing any topic toward resolution. Follow the spirit of the LANFest Code of Conduct.

LANFest Passion

We are a group of highly motivated and passionate individuals, and we support the organization by bringing that positive energy into our work.  Humor and fun are part of our meetings and our events, and we must make sure nobody feels singled out, left out, or the "butt of the joke." We must all do our part to build and nourish the LANFest environment that acts as a family with fun and the ultimate love of gaming!


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