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What is LANFest?

LANFest is a series of LAN parties organized, planned, and ran by LANFest. LANFest is a national non-profit 501c3 made up of local volunteer gamers like you that run LAN parties across the nation. These events are open to the general public for a small admission fee that is donated to charity.

What is NETWAR?

NETWAR is the Omaha, Nebraska chapter of the national LANFest organization. About twice per year, we host large Local Area Network (LAN) parties for gamers of all experience and skill levels. Our entire organization and staff is non-profit, and the proceeds of all attendee admission fees go straight to charity.

Gamers bring their computers or gaming consoles to our events to play multiplayer games for many hours straight, all while having fun and meeting fellow gaming enthusiasts. Anyone who enjoys playing video games can attend: There is no age or gaming skill restriction. NETWAR caters to both competitive gamers who like competing in tournaments and hobbyist gamers who just want to enjoy playing their favorite video games. Every gamer who attends is also eligible to win big prizes in our door prize raffle!

How do I obtain a refund if I cannot attend?

Log into your account and open up a Support Ticket to request a refund. Refunds will be issued in the form of the original ticket price.  No refunds will be issued within seven days of the event.  Please request refunds before this deadline!

Do I have to be on a gaming team to attend?

No, a lot of people show up that are not on a team. You can play whatever games you wish to play with others. If you wish to participate in the tournaments, you can easily join a throw together team or get picked up to play for a short handed team.

I am not very good at video games but I enjoy playing them, should I come?

Of course, anybody who enjoys playing multiplayer games and has a computer or gaming console should attend our LAN Parties.

Am I required to play in the tournaments?

No, when you are at the event you can choose which tournaments you wish to play in, or choose NOT to play in any of them.

I am going to be late for the event start time, is that ok?

That is perfectly fine, you may show up any time the event is in progress. If you plan to play in a tournament, make sure you arrive before the tournament start time. If you are late for the tournament you will not be able to play in it.

Do I have to stay for the whole event?

Absolutely not, you may come and go as you please.  Although, you must be present at the time of the raffle to be eligible to win (see event schedule).

Do you provide computers or gaming consoles for me to play on?

No, you must bring your own computer or gaming console to participate in our LAN Party. Please review the what to bring section.

What does your network consist of?

Our network is an all Cisco enterprise network. We have powerful servers that run our dedicated game servers. Our network is connected to a high speed fiber Internet connection.

Is there an age restriction for your events?

Our events are open to all ages, but if you are under 18 you will need to have your parents/guardian sign the waiver and bring it with you to the LAN Party.

How is the seating determined?

When you register for the event you will be able to select a seat you would like, as long as that seat has not been taken by another attendee already. Make sure you have your team or friends pick seats next to you if you want to sit near each other.  You can always change your seat later in to My Account section of the web site.

Are guests / visitors allowed to visit the event?

Yes, guests are allowed, although they can't stay for a very long nor can they participate in any games or activities.

Are tailgate parties allowed?

Tailgate parties, including cooking, grilling, and/or partaking in alcoholic beverages or illegal substances, are prohibited. Violators will be ejected on sight without refund.

Can I sleep at the LAN?

Yes, bring a sleeping bag and pillow.  There are a few hotels within a few minutes of driving.  We would recommend a hotel or a friend's place.

May I live stream at the event?

You may, however we ask that you don't live stream while spectating games viewing all players.

How does the prize drawing / raffle work?

By purchasing a ticket for the event, you are automatically entered into the raffle.  Names for the raffle are selected at random from the pool of registered attendees.  There will be one prize drawing during the event - check the event schedule for the day and time.  You must be present to win and you can only win one prize an event If you are drawn more than once by accident, please notify us.  As well, you may not claim a prize for someone else.


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