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Posted on 6:33pm Nov 3, 2017
Cart golf bags are designed to fit onto a golf cart so that you do not have to carry the bag and so can conserve all your strength for the game. They are different to normal carry bags in that they tend to be larger and bulkier Wholesale Yonder Alonso Jersey , made from stronger material to give added protection and can carry a wider range of accessories and golf clothing. They also carry a full set of 14 clubs.

Cart Golf Bags Are Heavy - They Are Not Carry Bags!

These types of golf bags are normally a bit too heavy and bulky to lug around the golf course, and have to be used with a golf cart, so if you normally carry your bag do not be attracted by the fabulous designs and capacity, thinking it would be just the thing for you, even if you normally have a caddy, since neither you nor your caddy will appreciate that decision once you get onto the course.

That is why they are called CART golf bags. They are intended to be used with golf carts. Although they can be pretty heavy you should check that you can at least lift it when it is fully loaded. After all, you have to get it from your home to the car, and the car to the golf cart. You have to be able to lift it and secure it the cart. So don't go wild and purchase the biggest golf bag for your cart you can find without trying it first.

Keep Up With The Fashion

Another point to consider is that these bulky bags can come with designer umbrellas and other accessories for the lady golfers. You can keep up with the latest fashion by purchasing a bag in the latest color and materials and buying matching handbag and accessories. This, of course, should not be your main consideration Wholesale Jean Segura Jersey , but if you regard your golf accoutrements as making a fashion statement, then the field is open.

Do not, however, make the mistake of neglecting the functionality of cart golf bags. You should choose one which also meets your golfing needs. Perhaps you require a golf bag that holds a full set of 14 clubs, and you may want a locking system with individual compartments which holds each club securely, thus avoiding them moving around in the bag and getting damaged.

Make Sure Your Bag Is Functional

You should also make sure that your choice of the cart golf bags on the market has enough pockets for your needs. You may need pockets for your spare golf balls, tees, accessories such as divot tools, golf gloves, rainwear and an umbrella fastener.

All of these Wholesale Jarrod Dyson Jersey , of course also apply to your choice of any type of golf bag, but cart golf bags are especially suitable for customization due to the fact that weight is not so much of an issue. So choose wisely, and enjoy owning a piece of golfing equipment that you feel proud of.Author's Resource BoxIf you are looking for more information on cart golf bags, visit GolfBagsReview today!

Article Source:  Your retirement income investment plan starts now, right now, no matter how old or well heeled you happen to be.

Step One is to understand what a retirement plan is, and to identify the three large numbers you need to keep track of while you are developing your stash. With these three totals on your spreadsheet, it's much easier to develop long-range retirement income goals that make personal sense. A retirement plan is an income production plan. Guaranteed retirement income - projected expenses = the gap. No gap, add parents and children to the expense number. There's always a gap.

Employer provided pension plans, Social Security Wholesale Randy Johnson Jersey , and (always much too expensive) fixed annuity contracts, are retirement income providers. They are monthly income machines that you have paid dearly for but which may not be adequate to cover your retirement expenses--- most of us will need more income than our guaranteed benefits will provide.

And we need to develop these additional income sources while we are still earning some kind of income. The retirement plan is the investment process you employ to eliminate the gap between your projected guaranteed income and a conservative estimate of your retirement expenses. The sooner and smarter you invest before retirement, the easier the transition from full employment to full vacation will be. Smart investing involves separating your security selections by purpose, and monitoring their performance in the same way. You're never to young to start developing the income side of the portfolio.

Once you start to draw income at retirement, it is much more difficult to invest effectively and unemotionally. Since your income will need to remain secure and constant through several economic, market, and IRE (interest rate expectation) cycles, you really need to develop appropriate portfolio market value expectations if your program is to survive. You cannot afford to take your eye off the income ball, because income is the only thing you can spend without depleting the productive value of the assets in your investment portfolio.

Obvious? Yes, but only until the market value of your portfolio begins to shrink as a result of economic Wholesale Ken Griffey Jersey , market, and IRE cycles. If you invest properly, it (the income) should continue to grow in spite of changing market conditions and fluctuating market value numbers. You must learn to expect market value fluctuations and take advantage of them--- assuming, of course, that you are following appropriate quality, diversification and income generation standards.

Retirement income planning became more difficult for most of us around the time corporate America realized that defined benefit pension plans were far too expensive to manage and maintain. At around the same time, the Social Security trust fund somehow disappeared (Did it ever exist at all?), and more and more of our hard earned was needed to support our aging friends and relatives. Why haven't the myriad of defined co. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys China   Wholesale Baseball Jerseys  
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