​FIFA 18: How to cull off the El Tornado

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​FIFA 18: How to cull off the El Tornado
Posted on 7:25pm Oct 12, 2017 Edited on 7:26pm Oct 12, 2017
FIFA 18 saw the absolution of a cast new accomplishment alleged El Tornado.

As showed in the trailer, the move sees the amateur circuit the brawl over their bottom afore flicking it up and volleying it.

Performing the El Tornado is absolute simple to do – just hunt these steps:

On the PS4;

Simply authority down the L1 button and move the Appropriate Analogue Stick upwards and alongside (corresponding to the administration you wish to move the brawl to).

On the Xbox One:

Hold down the LB button and move the RS upwards and sideways.

You can accomplish the move on a PS3 Xbox 360 and PC, too.

Remember, alone baddest players in FIFA 18 are able to cull off El Tornado accomplishment move.

These players are:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Antoine Griezmann

Dele Alli

Roberto Carlos


EA has said if footballers cull off El Tornado in absolute life, their basic affinity will alleviate the adeptness to accomplish the accomplishment move in FIFA 18. Buy safe FIFA 18 Comfort Trade at first and don't forget the coupon code 'fifacoin-buy'. 
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