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ut De La Hoya says Mayweather can b
Posted on 2:03pm Sep 25, 2017
With the 2015 CFL Combine (Mar. Deshaun Watson Texans Jersey . 27-29) and CFL Draft (TBA) approaching on the offseason calendar, TSN.ca profiles some of the prospects who could be taken this spring. When you read the bio on 67 UNLV offensive lineman Brett Boyko, it might surprise you to learn that the Saskatoon native sometimes played quarterback in high school - and received encouragement from a CFL Hall of Fame quarterback while doing so. I met him in Saskatoon when he was just in high school, TSN CFL analyst Matt Dunigan mentioned this week. I was involved with Glen Suitor and his football camp and established a relationship with (his mother) Pat and Brett. I encouraged him to continue to play QB because he had all the tools, and if he did not continue to develop those skills, the position would pass him by. I like Matt a lot, hes a great guy, Boyko told TSN from Florida. I had a blast meeting him. He was actually one of the reasons why I started playing quarterback in high school. Hes a great dude. After playing two years on the defensive line, Boyko played quarterback for his varsity high school team in his last year. It was an experience he remembers fondly. It was awesome playing quarterback and having the ball in my hands and having that much control, Boyko said. I told him he would always be 67 and large so he could use that to his advantage in another position if QB did not work out, added Dunigan. QB would not be in Boykos future but he did make the most of his size. After high school he received offers to join Washington State and UNLV. He chose the Runnin Rebels who wanted him to be an offensive lineman on the left side. It took a bit of time to adjust to the new position. When I came in first year I could barely pass set. I struggled to go backwards and remain strong, Boyko explained. (I) didnt really understand the concepts of defence. Had some trouble learning the playbook, just understanding what an offensive lineman really looks for and how they kind of manage the game for themselves. With time, Boyko developed into one of the best offensive linemen in the Mountain West Conference. He was named a conference all-star at left tackle a couple of times and is currently the No. 1 ranked CFL prospect in the 2015 CFL Draft. As I progressed I kept learning more, you watched film and you had the opportunity to break down yourself as well as other people, Boyko said. I always enjoyed watching NFL tackles and seeing what they do and how they play and (I) try and mimic what they do on the field. Theres still lots I need to work on but Im continuing to do so. While it wasnt the quarterback position, playing left tackle has its share of responsibility that appealed to Boyko. As an athlete and a competitor you want to have some responsibility. Being a quarterback you have the responsibility to organize everything so playing left tackle I enjoyed the aspect of protecting the quarterbacks blind side, Boyko mentioned. I put a lot pressure on myself to get the job done and I enjoyed that. You know youre going against some of the best pass rushers on every team that you play and it was a fun competition. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Boykos boyhood dream was to play for the Roughriders. Being ranked No. 1 by the CFLs scouting bureau is something he respects and makes him proud. There was a time I didnt know what the NFL was, Boyko explained. I was a CFL fan obviously and because of that theres kind of an extra excitement because that was the initial goal. Before I found out what the NFL was, the initial goal was to play in the CFL and to be ranked like that is an honour. With his success at UNLV, Boyko has the NFLs attention. An elbow injury in his final game this season kept him out of the recent NCAA Shrine Game but he has accepted an invitation to the NFL Combine where he hopes to showcase himself to scouts. Some publications have Boyko being selected in the later rounds of the NFL Draft or receiving a free agent invite. Even though hes not likely to end up in the CFL anytime soon, Boyko has a fan in Matt Dunigan. I have kept in touch with the family over the years and have watched very closely the development of Brett as a football player at UNLV and as a young man, Dunigan told us. (Hes a) tremendous kid with a ton of talent and desire to utilize his skills to play the game of football. Hes persevered through plenty of adversity while playing for the Rebels and proved to be a warrior, showing the tough Saskatoon and Saskatchewan mentality all the while. Im proud to know Brett and his wonderful family. Next week we will profile No. 3 ranked CFL Draft prospect Daryl Waud, a defensive tackle from Western University. Julién Davenport Jersey .com) - The Carolina Hurricanes placed defenseman John-Michael Liles on injured reserve Tuesday. Zach Cunningham Texans Jersey . The stakes were higher, the competition more fierce and the atmosphere was that of a playoff game - something the young, upstart Raptors have five weeks to better prepare themselves for or the result will be eerily similar.LAS VEGAS -- He was the Golden Boy, a fighter who brought in fans for decades after winning a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics. Oscar De La Hoya fought 45 times in 16 years as a pro, winning 39 of them along his way to titles in six different weight classes. He made millions, and his huge fan base made other fighters who beat him stars in their own right. But success came at a price, including two stints in rehab for alcohol abuse, which De La Hoya says plagued him since his youth in East Los Angeles. Some details about De La Hoya: DRINKING: De La Hoya says he was drinking throughout much of his career, including at the Olympics and in the weeks before his final fight, a loss to Manny Pacquiao in December 2008. RETIREMENT IS TOUGH: De La Hoya fought past his prime. Most boxers do fight too long, he said, mostly because they miss the attention. "I would always ask, Now what?" De La Hoya said. "Whats going to fill the void of the adrenaline, the excitement, and the cheers in the ring? It shows you can get lost when you stop doing something you love. Youre not prepared to handle it and you can make some wrong choices." At least he kept and invested much of the $300 million he earned. De La Hoya says that was a lesson he learned from retired boxers. PAY ATTENTION TO THE BAD STUFF: De La Hoya has some advice for any athlete, not just fighters. Take a look at the bad things that happen, learn from them, and try to avoid the mistakes others have made. D Onta Foreman Jersey. . "Take a look at my career and look at all the negatives and just dont do what I did," he said. "Its easier said than done but its true. Dont look at the good things we did because thats too easy. Take the bad and what happens in our lives and learn from it." MAYWEATHER ISNT UNBEATABLE: De La Hoya might have won his 2007 fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. if he would have kept using his jab late in the fight. Age and a bad rotator cuff prevented that, but De La Hoya says Mayweather can be had if fighters keep calm and follow a good game plan. "What happens now is they lose before they step into the ring," he said. "Mayweather outsmarts them." BOXING ISNT DEAD: The problems with boxing are simple and easily solved, De La Hoya says. Top boxers like Mayweather need to fight more often, and different promoters have to match their best fighters against boxers with other promoters to make more big fights. De La Hoya says he is all in now on his promotional company, Golden Boy Promotions, and believes the seemingly insatiable demand by sports programmers for live content will keep boxing popular for years to come. "We havent even scratched the surface," he said. "This is a business that maybe one day, 20 or 30 years from now, I will sell and it will be big." Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
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