the concept of homework

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the concept of homework
Posted on 9:57pm Sep 11, 2017
I think something is wrong when it comes to the term "hour spent", or "difficulty level" of homework assignments. 
We say that elementary school kids should not have homework and should be limited. Is it so? Does homework only involve writing, reading and math? My most memorable homework was when I was the first grade in elementary school (I was not in US). Of course, it was not writing or reading homework. It was to seed and plant some plants (flowers usually) in our backyard and talk about it in class.  
It was not hard at all. We all enjoyed it. If we say a time spent, I can say we Spent more than 2 hours for that homework, since it was fun to observe nature and have fun with friends.  
I believe it is time to change our concept of homework. If h.w assignment is interesting, fun and productive, it does not matter how many hours it takes or how hard it is. And students won't be thinking of asking essay writing service expert for help.
Favorite H.W, or educative H.W assignments are those that naturally come to the mind of students.  
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