What do I bring?

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What do I bring?
Posted on 7:48pm Jan 9, 2013
I obviously know I should brin my computer and gear but do I need and
Ethernet cord or anything like that? Hopefully this gets read before Friday haha :/
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RE: What do I bring?
Posted on 1:11pm Jan 12, 2013
Eh, yeah sorry this was missed but you need to bring everything that you think is needed for your setup. Like your monitor, keyboard and mouse, ethernet cord, if they let you, you might be able to bring your own chair.
Wish there were more places like RaptR that allowed you to show off game-play stuff like this (Other than xfire because it kept messing up my games so did not get installed on the new computer...)

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RE: What do I bring?
Posted on 5:39pm May 18, 2017
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