Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds - Game PUBG Mobile APK

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Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds - Game PUBG Mobile APK
Posted on 2:37pm Sep 2, 2017
Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is a promising new PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS-esque multiplayer battle royale game made exclusively for mobile devices.
t6anWM0.jpgIn Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds up to 20 players enter a remote island where they must scavenge weaponry and equipment and fight to be the last one standing in the games ever shrinking play area. It features over 12 unique weapons, weapon attachments, lots of character customisation and global leaderboardsIt may not be terribly original and is certainly borrowing a LOT from PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS, but visually it’s pretty impressive for a mobile game. It’s never going to stand up to the mighty PUBG, but if the gameplay matches the visuals it may be a perfect way to get a bit of battle royale action on the go!
Link: http://www.taigamek.mobi/2017/07/game-bullet-strike.html
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