Stainless steel tube manufacturer

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Stainless steel tube manufacturer
Posted on 2:41pm Jul 2, 2017
Stainless steel tube manufacturer304 stainless steel round steel industry once the recession led to some traders to withdraw from the market, the market is not very high expectations for this year's market, but after the Spring Festival 304 domestic stainless steel round steel industry often probe.304 stainless steel sheet&coilIn the news side of the speculation, steel prices pushed up strongly, strictly control the output, resulting in the market has been in the low inventory, the general situation of the shortage of the market, the market positive and optimistic mood gradually increased, futures, raw materials, finished products together ascribed Month before the crumbling steel market is now in full swing.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesLong-term price of continuous strong adjustment, the market decline in the atmosphere has weakened. While the East China region weakened the rain, the demand for a small amount of release, the slowdown in the western region affected by the impact is not obvious, but the fundamentals are not optimistic, futures steel trend is not clear, bad is still obvious, Rebound or increase.304 8k Mirror stainless steel coil for decorationRaw materials, yesterday Tangshan billet offer temporarily stable, is 2,000 yuan / ton. Snail higher, local scrap material rose, but the rolling mill is still discontinued, weak demand for blanks, coupled with the end of the financial pressure, short-term billet is still unable to rise.galvanized scrap steel sheet suppliers
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