New Gaming Podcast (Need Feedback)

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New Gaming Podcast (Need Feedback)
Posted on 3:34am Feb 23, 2012
Fellow gamers, looking for some feedback and ideas.
We have started a new Podcast for gamers and would really appriciate if some of you could check it out and provide some feedback and maybe some suggestions on future show topics.  Thsi would be greatly appriciated!  The goal is to create a Podcast that is driven by all the gamers out there.  The podcast can be found in iTunes by searching for Fragaholics. Currently we have 2 episodes out there and looking for some feedback and ideas before we record Episode 3. If you don't use iTunes tou can find it at  Our website is at
Again, looking for some constructive feedback, we want to improve this podcast and make it something for everyone.  Again any feedback is appriciated and I thank you!!!! 2.gif

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