Intel LANFest SoCal

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Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 6:28am Jun 13, 2015
LANFest is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings awareness to gamers and works with local and national charitable causes. Join us for regular LAN parties and gaming events with our local chapters around the United States!

Intel LANFest hosts LAN parties for the benefit of charity organization, all of the proceeds go to charity. All of the staff of LANFest are volunteers and gamers like us!
Intel LANFest SoCal Staff Page

Intel LANFest SoCal is just a chapter of the entire organization.

This is FrostedKevin from LANFest SoCal inviting members to our forums to create a gaming community. We will start having tournaments and events very soon this summer! Our teamspeak server is open to the public and to any gamers.
Join our Teamspeak Server

Please come out and support Intel LANFest SoCal as a member and caring gamer

"We Game for a Cause" - FrostedKevin/Intel LANFest SoCal
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- Forum

LANFest SoCal - Currently trying to create a gaming community to host mini tournaments each day.
WHSLoLClub - VP & Website Creator.
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RE: Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 9:03pm Sep 27, 2015
Hello, is there going to be any events in fall?
And if yes, what kind?
Thanks for replies ;)
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RE: Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 6:31pm Jul 13, 2016
As far as I can see, it's not the best time for the events this year. And even if I had time, I would ask someboby to help me with my essay and then I could go somewhere and relax. I've applied already for some summer courses, but I still don't know if they can take me. 
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RE: Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 1:50am May 2, 2017
well nice looking forward to this
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RE: Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 10:45pm Jun 6, 2017
I use to have this Intel cheap 2 year back. miss this those days when we FL Studio Download and install it on Windows XP :D
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RE: Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 9:42pm Sep 13, 2017
I knew this thread will help its been 4 years i was using it
would like to give something back 
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RE: Intel LANFest SoCal
Posted on 7:18pm Oct 4, 2017
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