Volunteer and step outside your comfort zone

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Volunteer and step outside your comfort zone
Posted on 7:06am Apr 1, 2015
As always we are looking to make LANfest better and this comes solely from Volunteers. To volunteer is not commiting to all 3 days and giving up all your game tme with your friends. It could be 10 minutes of helping at the door to set up pizza or helping to run a tourney that you are not in or something very small that helps out. We are prefectly willing to help you help us at the LAN and I can tell you it adds a whole new experiance that you will never forget. During one of our meetings a gamer voulnteered to help with presentations so on Friday night orientation he is presenting, after all he raised his hand. Now of course we are supporting him and training him and I guarentee he will never forget this LAN but he wanted to help and he stepped way outside his comfort zone to do it. He is both nervous and excited to help and he will do great, I guarentee it. The intelligence level at the LAN is very high and there are few tasks that most could not accomplish and if you just do one it helps a great deal. So after you are registered and setup and you have a few minutes stop by the Admin area and offer to volunteer. We may not need you right that minute but we will in the next 48 hours. 

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"


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RE: Volunteer and step outside your comfort zone
Posted on 9:19pm Jun 20, 2017
I know that volunteering is not simple task. Once, I was at a volunteer event (I was writing a review for essaytyper.pro) and I can confidently say that volunteering activities, as a manifestation of charity, will continue to exist as long as there is a need for people in one or another form of help and limited state participation in meeting the needs of their citizens, their social support exists. 
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