Forum, how to "watch" or "subscribe" to topics

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Forum, how to "watch" or "subscribe" to topics
Posted on 8:02am Aug 8, 2014
I've been through the "my account" settings as well as looked at threads up and down of which I would like to have email notifications of replies and I can't figure out how to do so. Does anyone know how to enable email notificatiosn of thread replies, and hopefully a setting that will make that automatic to threads I've posted in?
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RE: Forum, how to "watch" or "subscribe" to topics
Posted on 3:36pm Aug 13, 2014

Sorry but as far as I know this feature does not currently exist. This is definitely something we can consider for the future.

Wish there were more places like RaptR that allowed you to show off game-play stuff like this (Other than xfire because it kept messing up my games so did not get installed on the new computer...)

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RE: Forum, how to "watch" or "subscribe" to topics
Posted on 9:58pm May 24, 2017
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