BYOC question

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BYOC question
Posted on 2:43pm Oct 23, 2009 Edited on 2:45pm Oct 23, 2009
This is my first LANFest. I read on the site that BYOC was bring your own computer/console. I don't see console mentioned anymore. My computer is somewhat dated and I'm working on building (gathering the funds for) a new one. Could someone who has been to a previos LANfest tell me if people bring consoles? I just want to come and have fun playing some Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands (Xbox 360 on a 24 in LCD).
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Staff - LANFest Sacramento
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RE: BYOC question
Posted on 9:43pm Oct 23, 2009
Yes you can bring a console and play that in the BYOC. You can even bring a computer and a console if you wish but you can only have 1 plugged in at a time.
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RE: BYOC question
Posted on 9:55pm Oct 23, 2009
I probably wouldn't attend the event with only console gaming in mind
Though there are a few guys who hang out in the console room a lot, I'd say the vast majority of atendees are PC gaming
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RE: BYOC question
Posted on 10:06pm Oct 4, 2017
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