aimbot cheats

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aimbot cheats
Posted on 6:24pm May 9, 2014
hi, almost every day their is a damn hacker in this server and im sick of it. there is never a admin around when we need one. this guy is using aimbot cheat, kills us no mattere where we are. im here every day and i get tired of not being able to play in my favorit server. i go to others but usally this one is even. i just want to play where their isnt a damn hacker on that server, or at least a admin is on ever hour or so. heck make me admin, i just want to kick hackers nothing more. im sick of this crap man, i just want to play peacefully. i have attached the url to show you proof.

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RE: aimbot cheats
Posted on 1:17pm May 13, 2014
Hello fpresiado,

Thanks for letting me know about this! Please come see me in TeamSpeak sometime and I would love to talk to you.

Wish there were more places like RaptR that allowed you to show off game-play stuff like this (Other than xfire because it kept messing up my games so did not get installed on the new computer...)

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