Ticket Issue

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Ticket Issue
Posted on 3:16am May 6, 2014 Edited on 3:17am May 6, 2014
I posted about a week ago for a refund because I am not going to be in New York State.  I know your all staffed by volunteers, but I have left you all messages several different ways with no response.

Ticket #: 1791
Subject: Refund
Status: New
Date: 11:04pm 04/30/2014
Name: Matthew Brzyski
Replies: 0

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RE: Ticket Issue
Posted on 11:15am May 6, 2014 Edited on 11:15am May 6, 2014
I have not seen any notification of the ticket.  It is possible I've been removed off of that notification list.  I'll reach out to someone to see if they can take care of this.
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RE: Ticket Issue
Posted on 9:38pm Aug 27, 2017
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