My seating was changed?

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My seating was changed?
Posted on 6:24am Dec 6, 2013 Edited on 6:36am Dec 6, 2013
So I set a specific seat. Then I get an email alert this morning letting me know what my seat is--and the email lists a completely different seat than the one selected. However, when I go onto the website, the seat is still the same one I selected, so I am confused.
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RE: My seating was changed?
Posted on 7:22am Dec 9, 2013
did you ever get this worked out?  If your original email receipt showed the same seat as the most recent email receipt then it is possible you bumped the scroll wheel or something when choosing seats.  I hope everything worked out for you.
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RE: My seating was changed?
Posted on 10:04pm May 24, 2017
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