NOC seating?

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NOC seating?
Posted on 8:41am Nov 18, 2013
I see the regular seats and then I see an orange area on the right for the Atlanta January 3-5th lanfest seating chart.I was curious what these are there for and why they are labeled differently than other seats seeing as this is going to be my first lanfest, want to make sure i'm informed before buying tickets.
Thank you in advance :)
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RE: NOC seating?
Posted on 7:47pm Nov 19, 2013
if there is a specific sub-forum for this LAN you should ask there. I'd say usually it is for admin seating or high-powered machines, etc.  I'm sure the organizers would know specifically.
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RE: NOC seating?
Posted on 11:47am Dec 5, 2013
Agreed with Twinklenuts on this one. This is usually reserved for the admins and servers.
Wish there were more places like RaptR that allowed you to show off game-play stuff like this (Other than xfire because it kept messing up my games so did not get installed on the new computer...)

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RE: NOC seating?
Posted on 6:34pm Jul 31, 2017
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