Looking to swap seats

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Looking to swap seats
Posted on 9:33am Aug 30, 2013
I was wondering if anyone in the L1-L5, K1-K5, or J1-J5 seating area at the Sac lanfest Oct 2013 want swap two of thier seats in that area, we have two end seats on J and I.  I am asking because our group got split up and is in that area and we just need two seats, we can do single or double trades.

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RE: Looking to swap seats
Posted on 4:41pm Aug 31, 2013
You might have more luck posting in the LANFest Sacramento Fourm
Nathan 'ForceRun' Johnson
Community Outreach Director LANFest Sacramento | LANFest Tournament Committee
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RE: Looking to swap seats
Posted on 5:58pm Jul 19, 2017
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