do i need this

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do i need this
Posted on 2:07pm Feb 11, 2013
well i am going to the lanparty in seattle and my freinds dad is taking me do i need to bring my passport or is that only for the adult and where do i get the waiver that me and my parents need to sign
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RE: do i need this
Posted on 5:31pm Feb 11, 2013
You should not need your passport unless that is your only form of identity. You need a form of identity to prove that you are you. As for the waiver you can get that HERE and print it out and bring it. Also don't forget the email that you got when you registered for the event!
Wish there were more places like RaptR that allowed you to show off game-play stuff like this (Other than xfire because it kept messing up my games so did not get installed on the new computer...)

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RE: do i need this
Posted on 1:04am Jun 14, 2017 Edited on 12:22am Jun 18, 2017
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