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Be part of the prized LANFest Staff. Join staff today by fillwing out Serving as LANFest staff is an amazing and rewarding experience. The staff are great people to work with and we all have a lot of fun. Some of the positions are challenging and require past experience. Have a great idea, join staff to make your brilliant idea become a reality.


Open Staff Positions:

  • Help Desk - Management and Customer Service skills desired. Lead a team of help desk support volunteers to help attendees during LANFest.

  • Registration Lead - Lead a LANFest registration team by operation a station, and leading volunteers.

  • Tournament Admin - Host a LANFest official tournament, lead tournament volunteers, and run a bracket.

  • Contest Lead - Host a LANFest official contest, lead contest volunteers, and organize players.

  • Game Advocate - Community player organizer, get people excited about your favorite game and play your game together at LANFest.

  • Master of Ceremonies - Plan and run a fun presentation(s) during the LANFest prize drawings. Prepare and introduce representatives of LANFest, LANFest sponsors, and LANFest charities.

  • Local Sponsor Lead - Seek local sponsors to support and engage at LANFest Chicago

  • Vendor Liaison - Work with attending vendors to setup their booths, insure their power, internet, and presentation requirements are met by directly interfacing with the right LANFest Staff groups.

  • Announcer - Post announcements and read announcements over the PA.

  • Website Designer - HTML wizard to create beautiful art of LANFest interwebs.

  • Server Admins - Setup and admin servers during event in order to help keep attendee’s happy.

  • Streaming Program Director - Creates a schedule of streaming for the event, and leads team of volunteers to follow schedule.

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