Windy City LAN Windy City LAN 5
LANFest Chicago
Winter 2019 - Windy City LAN 5
Day/Time Event Location
5:00 PM Event Setup Main Room
- Check in Early - Night Before, Play some games!  
- Network / Internet / Servers Burn in Time Main Room
- Setup Door Prize -
12:00 AM Everyone Out - Doors Locked - No Equipment Leaves Main Room
8:00 AM Doors Open Main Room
8:30 AM Door Prize Giveaway  
10:00 AM BYOC Tournament:  CS:GO 5v5 Tournament Desk
TBD Hard Drive Toss -
TBD Paper Airplane Throw  
TBD CS:GO 1v1  
TBD Frag Fest -
TBD 50/50 Raffle Winner  
12:00 AM - -
3:00 AM Everyone Out - Doors Locked - No Equipment Leaves Main Room
9:00 AM Event Break Down / Equipment Check Out Main Room
- - -
12:00 PM Event Closed Main Room
The schedule is subject to change, please check the #schedule channel on the during LANFest Chicago. Winter 2019 will have a limited PA system, announcements will be primarily made on Discord. Don't miss out on activities, make sure to pay attention to the #announement text channel and to have server notifications turned on. Tournaments require in-person check-in for teams at the Tournament Desk. Teams that don't check in, slow to communicate, or late to matches will be disqualified. Contests and drawings require attendees to be present and responsive to be able to win.

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