InfernaLAN LANFest InfernaLAN Fall 2017

Tournaments and Contests

Nov 10 - 12, 2017 (Friday 12:00pm - Sunday 12:00pm)

Note: Contests & Tournaments will be updated as they are organized. Times may change to prevent conflicts or overlap

Tournament Schedules:

BYOC Competitive Tournaments


Hearthstone 7PM Rules
League of Legends  8PM Rules
Civilization 5 9PM Rules
Minecraft (24hr World Build) 10PM Rules
PUBG (Solo) Start  
PUBG (Squad) Start  

BYOC Competitive Tournaments                                                   


Overwatch 12PM Rules
League of Legends 4PM Rules
CS:GO 7PM Rules
PUBG (Solo) 11PM End Rules
PUBG (Squad) 11PM End Rules

Non Competitive Contests 

Thousand Frags Late Night Saturday
Choose Your Game Late Night Friday
Path of Exil Naked Run! Afternoon Friday
Diablo 3 Highest GR All Day Friday
Factorio Best Build All Day Saturday
StarCraft Brood Wars Afternoon Saturday
Naked Gnome Run WOW Afternoon  Friday
Choose your Game Late Night Saturday
Lan Bingo Ongoing Fri-Sat
Rock Paper Scissors lizard Spoke Sometime Sat
Local Servers (on LAN only)
Minecraft Friday-Saturday Open World
CS:GO Friday-Saturday Gun Battle
CS:GO Friday-Saturday 5v5 plant the bomb
TeamFortress 2 Friday-Saturday All game modes. 


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