LANFest National LANFest Rainbow 6: Siege Community Tournament

Rainbow Six Siege 5 vs 5 Online Tournament Rules




1. Game Settings

2. Game Play

3. Bracket Play

4. Hosting Setup

5. General Rules

6. Reporting

7. Penalties









1. Game Settings

  • All settings and restrictions are listed below must be used in each tournament game played.
  • The hosting team is responsible for setting up each game with the correct map and settings. Starting a game without the appropriate settings will be penalized as per Section 7.1.

Match Settings


Number of Rounds: 6

Attacker/Defender Role Swap: 1

Overtime Rounds: 2

Overtime Score Difference: 2

Overtime Role Change: 1




Damage Handicap: 100

Friendly Fire Damage: 100

Injured: 20


Character Control


Sprint: On

Lean: On




Death Replay: Off


HUD Settings


HUD Settings: Minimal


Game Mode Settings And Maps


Secure Area Parameters


Secure Time Limit: 15

Unsecure Time Limit: 15

Preparation Phase Duration: 45

Action Phase Duration: 180


Bomb Parameters


Plant Duration: 7

Defuse Duration: 7

Fuse Time: 45

Preparation Phase Duration: 45

Action Phase Duration: 180














Item Restrictions




2. Game Play


  1. Moving your character outside of the boundaries of the map, ie clipping, may result in a forfeit of the Game.
  2. Any issues with character movement, aiming down sights, disarming the bomb defuser, etc. should be reported to a referee immediately. If the referee is able to confirm that this has occurred, they will determine whether or not the affected Round will be restarted and which players will participate in the restarted Round.
  3. Arming the bomb outside of the area(s) that are considered to be the defined planting area is not permitted.
  4. Once the match has been created only players on the two teams and Tournament Officials may be invited/join the match. If a player who is not a registered member of one of the teams the Game must be ended. If a player is found to have invited an ineligible player to a game they will forfeit the game.
  5. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill, the match must continue.
  6. If a Player disconnects, the current Round must be completed. After that Round has been completed, the Game must be ended.  It is the responsibility of the shorthanded Team to have all players to end or leave the Game before the start of the next Round.  Rounds that are played while a Team is shorthanded will be counted. After a Game is ended, the shorthanded Team will be given 5 minutes for their teammate to return before they must start another Round shorthanded.  When the Game resumes, the score will be as it was when the Game was ended and the Teams will be set to resume the Game from proper sides.
  7. Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a Forfeit of a Game, Match, or Ban from future LANFest tournaments. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language.  In addition, breaking any rule may result in a Forfeit of a Round/Game, Forfeit of a Match, or Ban from future LANFest tournaments.
  8. LANFest reserves the right to broadcast any match. If LANFest choose to broadcast a Match, LANFest tournament officials must be allowed into each game.
  9. All communications must be done through the LANFest discord on the voice channels reserved for the tournament, no third party communication tools are allowed


3. Bracket Play


  1. All Round 1 Matches have the same default start time.  After Round 1, all Matches have a unique default start time that is dependent upon the time at which the Teams’ previous Round results were submitted.  Matches must be started by their default start time and played until completion.
  2.  After losing a match in a single elimination tournament, that team will be eliminated from the competition.
  3.  The Map(s) and Game Type(s) for this tournament will be generated for the players. Players are required to play the specific maps and game types listed for each match. Verbal agreements to play different maps and/or game types will not be honored by support staff.
  4.  Matches may not be rescheduled except for finals. Rescheduling a finals match will be at the discretion of Online Tournament Staff
  5. All teams/players have a 15 minute grace period from the match scheduled time to show up and play their match. If a team does not show up by the end of this grace period, an OLT Support Specialist must verify the no show. Please contact a staff member via the Online Tournament Live Support. Once the staff member joins, extra time up to 10 minutes may be given to ensure the match is played.
  6. Teams have 5 minutes between each map/game mode. If a team/player goes over this grace period, please follow the above steps for support.
  7. For game modes that are not kill dependent, teams may only play shorthanded by one player. Any missing player may join the private match lobby at any time.
  8. No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the first tournament match has begun. If a match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official scores.
  9. All matches up until finals will be a best of three (3) series. Finals will be played as a best of five (5) series.


4. Hosting


  • The Host is the Player who must create the Game’s Private Match and ensure that the proper Settings and Map are used.
  • Teams will be randomly seeded before the start of the tournament. The team seeds are done in ascending order. Seed one is the highest seed. (Example: Bracket Seed ten (10) is a higher seed than twenty (20).
  •  All best of three (3) matches for this tournament will use the following game mode rotation:

        Game One: Bomb

        Game Two: Secure Area

        Game Three: Bomb


  • All best of five (5) matches for this tournament will use the following game mode rotation:


        Game One: Bomb

        Game Two: Secure Area

        Game Three: Bomb

        Game Four: Secure Area

        Game Five: Bomb


  • In a best of 3 and best of 5 series, the higher seeded team must host the first Map. The lower seeded team must choose sides on the first Map. Then, the lower seeded team must host the second Map. The higher seeded team must choose sides on the second Map. This will alternate until a tie breaker is required. The team with the highest overall score will host the tiebreaker map.
  •  The team with the highest combine round count for games leading up to the tie breaker  will host the final map. The non-hosting team will choose which side to start on.
  •  The Team that doesn’t Host a Game must choose to play as Attackers or Defenders for that Game.
  • All players must agree that the Host is reasonable before the start of a Map.  If a reasonable Host cannot be found, Tournament Live Support Discord MUST be used to request a LANFest Referee to help decide who will host the map. If a Referee is not available, the best Host should be used.
  • We highly suggest that a lag test be performed before the start of each map. If a lag test is not performed, it  will be implied that all players agree the host is acceptable to play on.
  • If a player’s connection to the Host becomes unreasonable during a game, the Game must still be played.  After each Game, either Team may request that a new Host be tested, if the previous Host was unreasonable.
  • If the Host incorrectly ends a Game, their Team may Forfeit the Game.


5. General Rules


  1. If a Match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official results. Teams may not delay the start of a Match beyond its scheduled start time, without the approval of a Tournament Official.
  2. Teams may only play one man down from the number of players set for this competition. (i.e 3v4, 2v3, or 1v2) A Team will Forfeit the Match if they don’t have the minimum required players present by 15 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period).  Teams with the minimum required players present will be forced to start a Game at the end of a Grace Period. Bots are not permitted in any Game. If Teams that are scheduled to play each other both Forfeit a Game or Match, the higher seeded Team will be awarded the Game/Match win.
  3. Teams may delay a Match between Rounds/Games for up to five minutes.  Teams can request that a Tournament Referee enforce this five minute time limit.  After five minutes of a Tournament Referee enforced delay, if the delaying Team is not present, they will Forfeit the Match.
  4. To get help with a No Show issue, you MUST contact Staff via LANFest Discord.  Staff must verify the No Show. To obtain assistance with a no show you must go to the tournament discord channel and post to staff using the @staff flag and tag the message with #no-show. You must include proof that your opponent did not show.
  5. For any allegations of cheating, wrong weapons used, glitching, etc., you MUST contact Staff via LANFest Discord . Glitching accusations must be supported by video proof. Video proof can be edited to include only the section where the offense takes place; however, the video MUST include the score screen at one point.
  6. These tournaments are open to residents of the continental United States only.
  7. Any changes to a team roster after the tournament has been seeded is at the discretion of LANFest tournament staff. Players may only be added to a roster (username and gamertag) up until the end of that team's first match. All players must play on the UPlay username that is on the tournament roster. Only players and LANFest tournament staff are permitted in a lobby once the match starts
  8. The tournament brackets are hosted on Challonge ( and all tournament participants must have an account on the site to register for the tournament.


6. Reporting


  1.  Both teams must report the Match result within 10 minutes of its completion.  Failure to report the Match results on time may result in a Forfeit.
  2.  To report the Match results, Teams must report the Match Score accurately, with overall Games won being reported.  For example, the Match Score can be reported as 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2. Reporting the individual points for each Game is optional.
  3. At least one member of each Team should take a Screenshot(s) of each Round’s/Game’s results in case proof is needed for a dispute.  Screenshots should contain the Round Score, Players on each Team, and a time stamp.
  4. In order to dispute Game results, Players/Teams must notify a Tournament Referee that they would like to Protest the Game before a new Game has begun.  In order to dispute Match results, Players/Teams must notify a Tournament Referee that they would like to Protest the Match no longer than 15 minutes after the end of the Match.  If a Tournament Official isn’t immediately available, you must submit a report to the tournament discord no more than 15 minutes after the end of the match.
  5. Teams may request that they be allowed to concede victory of a Game.  Teams may request that their opponent not receive a Forfeit penalty.
  6. If a Screenshot(s) and/or video is needed in order to resolve a dispute, it should be transferred to the user’s computer and uploaded to an image or video hosting site(i.e Photobucket, Youtube).  The URL for the image(s)/video should be attached to the dispute discord messsage or given to Tournament Live Support . You must clearly state what the issue is, the time in the video in which the issue occurred, and/or what the Admin should be looking at in the picture. For all cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.


7. Penalties



  • For all game modes, the hosting team will forfeit the rounds in which the incorrect setting(s) affected the game.
  • If a map is hosted out of order, the hosting team forfeit the map that was played out of order.
  • In example, if House is second map and played first, the hosting team will forfeit House. First map will need to be played.


Restricted Items:

  • For Search and Destroy, use of any restricted item will result in the loss of the round(s) the item(s) were used in if it affected game play.
  • For all other game modes, use of any restricted item will result in the loss of the entire map if it affected game play.


Abusing In-Game Mechanics

  • For Search and Destroy, the round were an unfair advantage was obtained will result in the loss of that round.
  • For all other game modes, abusing in game mechanics will result in the loss of that map.
  • Repeated abuse of in game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage will result in the loss of the entire match.

IP Flooding (DDoS Attacks)

  • Performing or assisting with a DDoS attack of your opponent will result  in immediate disqualification of that team.

Game Modification

  • Modifications to the game files to alter its appearance or performance in any way are not permitted.

Lack of Cooperation


  • Failing to comply with Support Staff's directions and/or requests may result in the forfeit of round(s), a map, or the entire match.

Failure to Report a Tournament Match

  • Any team leader/captain that fails to report their tournament match within ten (10) minutes after the conclusion of their match or upon receiving notification from support staff to do so, may forfeit the match to be reported.





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