LANFest Code of Conduct 

Updated: 8/22/2017
We are all part of LANFest, a national organization and brand. We all must unite under a common vision, establish shared values, and maintain a consistent standard of conduct. Our success and growth depends on our ability to build trusted relationships with one another as well as our attendees, sponsors, venues, and communities. 
LANFest has a mission: LANFest is dedicated to empowering gaming communities and supporting charitable efforts by creating unique gaming experiences.  In pursuing this mission, LANFest members, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors (“We”)are expected to follow The Code of Conduct (“The Code”) detailed below.  The Code is designed to preserve LANFest’s credibility and trust with the public.  The Code applies to all members of LANFest, volunteers at LANFest events, third party providers in direct contact with our clients or acting on our behalf, and sponsors at LANFest events or interacting with LANFest attendees.
At all times, we should actively clarify who we represent, and explain the role we have with regard to LANFest national, sponsors, and affiliated organizations. Members of LANFest are not allowed to speak on LANFest’s behalf for any third party organizations at LANFest events without the express consent from the National Officers or Board.   
Core Values
Safety At LANFest, the most important asset is people. Safety is the first priority of the organization. 
Follow the letter and spirit of the law. Ensure all actions fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the Country and respective state/county/city where the action is taking place. 
Serve with honesty and integrity. Serve as staff with uncompromising integrity and professionalism, demonstrating honesty and high ethical standards and actions, especially when dealing with other organizations. Always treat attendees, sponsors, and others with fairness, honesty, and respect.
Communication and Equality 
Courtesy, friendliness, and a spirit of helpfulness are important and guide the organization’s dealings with members and attendees. Act with respect, fairness, and integrity.  We should strive to maintain a civil work atmosphere at all times and refrain from shouting, or yelling.
  • Seek to be fair, positive, and transparent in every interaction. Differences of opinion should be handled privately and discreetly. Gossip and backbiting are to be avoided. Communicate directly with the person or persons involved to resolve differences.  Look for mutually agreeable and beneficial solutions for all parties.
  • Constructive criticism — that which will improve business by clarifying or instructing — should be welcomed when delivered with respect and tact. 
  • Destructive criticism — that which is designed to harm business or another person — is not to be practiced.
  • The standard of LANFest is an environment free from disparaging remarks about religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, appearance and other non-related matters. Each staff member has the responsibility to foster an understanding of others’ differences in order to create an environment where those differences contribute to a better organization.
  • Inappropriate remarks include those that treat a group of people in a uniform way, assign a behavior in a disparaging way, imply inferiority of a group, are supposedly funny at someone else’s expense, and/or cause embarrassment or distress to others based on comments about a particular group of people.
  • Treat others as equal without regard to race, gender, age, religion, marital status, political beliefs, creed, color, sexual orientation, ancestry, place of origin, physical appearance, or disability.  
Conflicts of interest.
Avoid situations where personal, family, or professional interests interfere -- or even appear to interfere -- with the ability to make sound decisions in the best interest of LANFest. In the event a relationship is present that may appear to be a conflict of interest, it is the responsibility of parties involved to disclose the conflict of interest to LANFest  and remove themselves from the decision making process.  Parties are required to refrain from attempting to influence other persons participating in the decision making process.  
Respect and Protect the confidentiality and privacy of information gained from our attendees, sponsors, vendors, and staff. Including, but not limited to, physical assets, intellectual property, business documents and training material, financial data, distribution lists, and contact lists. Staff must read and follow our posted privacy policy.
Public Address at Events
Event leadership is responsible for every PA communication and use. Violation by staff or volunteers will be grounds for corrective action by event leadership or LANFest National Leadership.
The Public Address (PA) system is only allowed to be used for official communication during events that require all of those who are present to hear. 
As a rule keep language clean, as families with small children attend our events. LANFest is different and special because we create a safe and family friendly environment for people to share their passion for PC Gaming. If you have a swearing issue, refrain from using the microphone or read from a prepared statement. Keep announcements PG rated or better. Be very careful when making even light-hearted jokes. 
LANFest is a Zero Tolerance organization around harassment.  LANFest is dedicated to providing a harassment-free environment for everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, marital status, political beliefs, creed, color, sexual orientation, ancestry, place of origin, physical appearance, or disability. 
Harassment means any conduct, whether physical or verbal, that is discriminating in nature and one would find as unwelcomed or unwanted.  This behavior is not tolerated and unwelcome at LANFest.  LANFest has a zero tolerance policy for this behavior and will dismiss any person(s) or party (and end any relevant contract/agreement)  that act in a manner deemed to be harassment. 
Staff are required to report immediately any observed harassment to the event organizer. Event organizers should take steps to correct or stop such behavior, and partner up with a member of the National Staffing group.
Use of sexual images, activities, or other materials at LANFest events is not allowed. Booth staff (including volunteers) should not use sexualized clothing, uniforms, or costumes, or otherwise create a sexualized environment.
Reporting Violations of the Code of Conduct
All members, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors have a responsibility to report  violations to this code of conduct, if they are discovered, to the national Staffing Team.  All reporting will be in strict confidentiality and immune from retribution.
Asking Questions and Reporting Concerns
We are an open organization that welcomes questions and communications between all staff. Each staff member is responsible for reading, understanding, and following this Code. Any staff who violate the Code are subject to discipline, up to and including termination as staff and banning from future events. Anyone who violates the law may also be subject to civil and criminal penalties. Every staff member has an obligation to report possible violations of the Code and law.
Staff members are encouraged to ask questions or raise concerns with their direct manager or staff groups, such as the Staffing group or National Executive Officers .
Non-Retaliation Policy
We do NOT tolerate retaliation against anyone who in good faith reports possible violations of the law or Code, or who ask questions of staff or volunteers. Staff who attempt to retaliate against these actions in any way will be severely disciplined. People who believe they have experienced retaliation for reporting possible violations should contact the staffing group.
The implementation of this Code of Conduct is a fundamental backbone of LANFest as an organization.  All members, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors are required to adhere to the above code of conduct.  By signing below, they declare they have read and will abide by this Code.